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Waku Waku 7

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  Cactrot's WoS Skin Emporium  

Cactrot Merchandise

Cactrot Hawaiian Shirt

It's almost hypnotic.

Inflatable Cactrot

Believe it or not, it's 6'3".

Cactrot Guitar

It's a real guitar, i swear.

Plush Cactrot

Uh, it's soft.

Misc. Plush including Cactrot

There others are a Chocobo, Koyokoyo, and Tonberry.

Pewter Cactrot Statuette

Just one of a set of popular
characters and monsters.

There is(was) even more Cactrot merchandise than this. These are just items currently available for purchase from (a Squaresoft website). I know of a couple more pluch Cactrot's and a Cactrot t-shirt for which i have no picture for.